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The learning path

The Academy is a 3 month learning experience dedicated to talented people from 18 to 32 that want to learn the tecniques and characteristics that still drive Roberto Costa's restaurants.


Participants are involved in workshops and learn different skills in the workplace, including an introduction to the main and best products that represent Italian excellence abroad, a tasting and a study of the best known and finest wines, an in-depth study on sales techniques and store management, and the study of the different techniques of preparing food and cuts of meat.


At the end of each course, the knowledge acquired by the students is assessed by the tutors with a final test for the achievement of the Academy Diploma.

No fees requested

The distinctive element of the Academy is the organization: not only does it not require any financial investment from the participants, but it also ensures the possibility of a change of life for the participants.


In fact, the participants receive a monthly salary including accommodation which makes them immediately independent from an economic point of view, and offers the possibility of developing a career in an international working environment.


To operate in this new environment, students are offered a private English course in General English and Hospitality English, held in the group's restaurants.